We offer competitive finance rates for all our vehicles due to our close relationship with leading finance companies.

Finance Lease

The benefits of ownership – without the downsides

Finance lease benefits

  • Low up-front costs – for just a small outlay, you can use the assets immediately
  • Flexible repayment structure – rental payments can be tailored to match your cash flow
  • Tax advantages – VAT is payable on the rentals, not the purchase price, while payments can normally be offset against taxable profit. Monthly payments can be matched to your cash flow. At the end of this commercial leasing agreement, the relevant assets are sold and you receive the major share of the proceeds. As the asset owner, we claim the available writing-down allowances and reflect this in your monthly payments.

Hire Purchase

Own your asset while spreading the cost

Hire purchase benefits

  • Total control – the asset is yours at the end of the agreement
  • Flexibility in your repayments – makes for easy budgeting
  • Tax advantages – normally you can claim writing-down allowances and perhaps capital grants, while repayment interest may be offset against profits and VAT is usually reclaimable There is great flexibility with this type of asset finance. We can structure it in various ways, with a flexible deposit and fixed payments.